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  I am Rob Cole.

I will adhere to the highest standards of conduct in all aspects of my businesses.

I believe that the world will be a better place to the extent that its participants consider each other's feelings when determining their courses of action and the words they speak.

I am and will continue to do my best to make the world a better place.

Whats New (most recent first)

07-18-2011 AdvancedColorEditor 1.0 - Lightroom plugin for editing photo color and/or profiles.
02-24-2011 ExifMeta 3.0 - enhanced usability (less reloads & more sophisticated UI).
01-16-2011 Change Manager 2.0 - new version includes comparison of two photos, or two states of the same photo.
01-14-2011 Change Manager 1.3 Lightroom Plugin, released.
10-23-2010 Collection Preseter 2.0 released - configuration via Plugin Manager.
10-17-2010 Collection Preseter 1.0 Lightroom Plugin - released (config via text file).
10-16-2010 Added 'Convert To DNG' support to 'RC Importer' Lightroom plugin.
10-16-2010 Critical bug fixed in 'RC Importer' Lightroom plugin.



06/01/2007 - 10-10-2010




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Products & Services


Software Development Services I'm for hire! - Internet/web apps, especially Flex/Flash, embedded systems, networking, desktop, database, server/client, consulting, ...

Web Photos (includes Lightroom plugin)

Photooey Put your photos on your website, not theirs! WebPhotoBrowser provides Flash interface with folder tree navigation. Adobe Lightroom Plugin provides publishing/upload.

Lightroom Plugins

*** Important notes:
*** Important notes:
*** Important notes:

###1 Installation: My plugins must NOT reside in C:\Program Files... or /Applications... - unzip to C:\Users\{user}\... or /Users/{user}/... before installing ("adding" in plugin manager) - more info in downloaded README file.

###1 Important note: Please let me know if you have any problems installing or using these plugins, OK?- thanks.

###1 Mac users #1: Some plugins use osascript (Mac OS AppleScript interpreter) to help do their deeds. In order for this to work, you must have "access for assistive devices" enabled, e.g.

And due to a bug in Mac OS (which may or may not have been fixed by now), you may even have to disable it, then re-enable it.

Note: that's for the cats (Leopards, Snow-leopards, and Lions)

*** for Mavericks and Yosemite+, try enabling via Mac - Enable Access To Assistive Devices script, or try manually.

###1 Mac Users #2: in older plugins, exiftool and other built-in utilities must be made executable (by you). For example, in 'Terminal' (app/utility), type the commands:

cd /path/to/MyPlugin.lrplugin
chmod +x ./exiftool

In newer plugins, an attempt will be made to make exitool etc. executable, but if that fails, let me know, and see paragraph above..

After each of the commands above are typed, press the "Enter" (Return) key to execute. Note: substitute the actual location for "/path/to" (and the actual plugin folder for "MyPlugin.lrplugin" - you may need to do a "Show Package Contents" first) and the actual utility name if not "exiftool".

###1 Known Issues: There was a bug in Elare Plugin Framework (common to most of my plugins) such that plugin-manager presets with '+' or '-' in the name did not behave properly - that was fixed on April 25, 2014, but not all plugins have been re-released with the fix. Also, there was a bug found/fixed on June 4, 2014 - when '.' in preset name it does not behave properly. So avoid '.' in preset names (and '+' and '-') until plugins have been re-released with fixes.

File Listener Select folder/files in OS (e.g. Explorer/Finder) and send-to Lr: they will be imported.
Ottomanic Importer Automatic and manual importing, customizable.
RC Importer Legacy import plugin - Lr3 only. Consider Ottomanic Importer instead.
Photo Editing (develop settings adjustment and/or metadata)
ISO Detailer Initialize detail settings based on ISO (ranges), and other adjustments based on camera settings..
Metato Transform and transfer metadata... *** should be considered a utility?
Otto Toner (mostly deprecated) Auto-tone your photos in an even keeled fashion - with results you can use!.. Note: Lr5.3's auto-toning is so much better than in Lr5.0 (and Lr4.X) that this plugin is not really needed anymore for normal photos. Still, you may find it useful for auto-toning scanned photos, since it only takes specified region into account (unlike Lr which will try to brighten black frames or darken white frames..).
Gazoo UI is always on & ready to supplement development, e.g. relative adjustments/presets, metadata, tag editing...
Collection Preseter Apply presets to photos in various collections, in one swipe.
Metadata Transformer Spellcheck your metadata with a minimum of fuss. You can also configure custom transformations if you want. *** more of a utility?
Xmp Crop Crop by exact pixel dimensions, or change aspect ratio without changing crop size/position. Presets, or on-the-fly...
Cookmarks Relative adjustment of develop settings using browser URL's - presets by way of bookmarks. Replaces DevAdjust for Lr4 users. Note: I consider this obsolete since Gazoo came along, but some people still like it..
Dev-Correct/2012 Make corrections to PV2012 conversions so they more closely match the previous rendition.
Advanced Color Editor Allows editing of photo color with more specificity than is possible using HSL tool. Also supports defining DNG profiles for non-DNG raw files... (taps into the DNG Profile Editor) ***

Relative Adjustments to Develop Settings (Lr3). Supports presets and preset combos. Superceded by Cookmarks for Lr4 users, and Gazoo for Lr5 users.

Edit In Lightroom Edit hi-rez photos in lo-rez - much faster, then transfer settings to hi-rez version when done.
Proxy Editor Supports editing a proxy instead of original/raw - changes to be sync'd afterward (for editing speed).
Export & Publishing
CopyDotCom Export photos to copy.com, for backup, sharing, ...
DNG Preview Updater Update DNG Previews, or XMP (only) - any file types, via simple publish service.
Exporder Export/purge/order copies of master published collection set, maintaining user order by filename manipulation - exported folder tree will match published collection hierarchy. Note: to maintain order via date/time, consider TreeSync Publisher instead.
Lr 5.0 Export AutoFix Makes sure exports have noise reduction applied, and are properly sharpened.
Exportant Export into customized folders, with customized filenames, and use exif metadata to do things like preserve original print resolution.
Photooey Publisher Export and/or publish plugin for Photooey/WebPhotoBrowser.
Export Manager Enter a list of export presets, and the manager will export all (at the same time, or one after the other..). Does not support export filters (e.g. Exportant, Lr/Mogrify..).
Preview Exporter Quickly export Lr previews, instead of re-rendering - includes features for preview relocation/management and recovery.
TreeSync Publisher Publishing and export plugin, to replace previous TreeSync plugin: Maintains source folder structure in the exported directory tree. Local or remote (ftp) destinations...
TreeSync3 (legacy - obsolete) Legacy - obsolete.
Exif Action (deprecated) Consider Exportant instead.
Export Namer (deprecated) Consider Exportant instead.
Export Master Exported files (added to catalog) to have exact same keywords as source photos.
Rotate Landscapes On Export Originally developed to support iPhone / iPad viewing in max rez, but may be useful in other circumstances(?).
Distribute Evenly A "pseudo export" plugin which just restributes already exported files to assure no folders have too many files or too many megabytes. Useful for when such limitations are imposed, e.g. emailing.
Utility plugins (Lr app support, catalog maintenance, startup/backup, repair&recovery, searching/filtering, reporting...)
Source Photo With one photo representing each source/tree, it's easy to visual contents of entire catalog by reviewing representative photos.
Time Tracker Generates report of time spent editing various photos / folders, ...
Raw File Integrity Checker Checksum-based corruption detector for raws and videos (and dngs/rgb files too if you want).
Odd Jobs Maintains (remembers & restores) photo selection in visited folders so they're not reset to first photo when revisited.
Pretend Delete plugin preferences and/or catalog data of specified plugin(s) - for cleanup of obsolete plugins. Also supports disabling/re-enabling and/or un-intalling (temporarily) then re-installing plugins en bulk - for trouble-shooting.
Smart Filter Show intersection of photo sources, instead of union - for example: filter folders or collections by also selecting a smart collection.
Smart Colluder Smart collection debugger / editor.
Un-DNG Revert from DNG back to original propietary raw file format.
DxOh For using DxO too, in an Lr-centric workflow.
Dev History Editor Manually delete and/or auto-consolidate edit history steps.
SnapTrash Delete several snapshots at once, instead of 1-by-1.
Wreck Hover Recover develop settings from another catalog and apply to selected photos, or recover settings from exported photos (if exported with all metadata included).
Otto Mate Custom automation, or custom manual function..
Dev Preset Lab Preview preset effects as virtual copies.
Relocation Services Resolves missing photo problems by relocating files on disk to match expected locations in catalog.
Open In Whatever Open most selected or all selected photo (or video) in whatever app(s) you want.
Xurchin Search for photos (or video) across multiple catalogs.
MetaRep Repairs capture-time metadata in catalog.
SnapToCopy Convert snapshots to (virtual or real) copies.
Confidential Informant Output photo information/metadata to clipboard, text file, browser, csv/spreadsheet, ...
Relative Antics Find related photos and do things to them. Built-in preset for duplicate file detection (customizable..).
Aux Backup Backup presets & prefs...
Raw Plus Jpeg Utilities for dealing with Raws & Jpeg sidecars.
Missing In Action (deprecated) Online/offline status metadata for library filtering. - consider Metadata Extensions instead.
File Renamer Batch rename your photo files via search & replace, or custom configured renamer.
Show Biz Slideshow and metadata viewer - non-modal (floating) UI.
Stacker Collection stacks to match folder stacks, plus ability to re-stack jpeg/raw pairs.
Folder Collections Tree of collections that mirror your folders - so you don't have to switch to library module so often. Also useful for people using Lr mobile - so all photos are editable/syncable mobile-wise..
Publish Service Assistant Utility functions to support publish services, including "Master Publish", and "Unmark for Republish".
Shared catalog on a network
(startup script, not a plugin)
Assures no other computer has the catalog reserved, then if need be, startup script copies it to local host before starting Lightroom. Requires Python to run - not yet tested on Mac.
SpaceUrchin Library filters and smart collections that can search for keywords and any other metadata that has spaces in it, or regular expresions, or...
Collection Agent Duplicate, sync settings, & copy collections and/or collection sets.
SQLiteroom Create collections of photos upon startup that matching specified SQL queries. Includes several default presets, or you can define your own queries and actions to go with them..
xEmP Save/read xmp sidecars for all photo file formats + virtual copies, with change detect to avoid extraneous updates.
Preview Exporter Recover missing or corrupt photos from preview cache. Relocate and/or otherwise manage previews... Also includes feature to quickly export or publish photo previews. ***
Snap And Mark Multi-photo snapshot and mark in edit history, or just make notes in edit history.
Advanced Color Editor Define DNG profiles for non-DNG raw files. Also allows editing of photo color with more specificity than the HSL tool... (taps into the DNG Profile Editor) ***
Change Manager Lock files so inadvertent changes do not go undetected, and detected changes are detailed. Includes independent photo comparator that details photo settings and metadata differences.
DevConvert Assists in conversion of photos from PV2003 to PV2010.
Keyword Consolidator Analyzes keywords and detects duplicates and similarities - offering the opportunity to consolidate.
NxToo A suite of tools to assist in using Nikon's Capture NX2 in a Lightroom-centric workflow.
Reportamus Keyword usage stats...
Folder Figure Selects the folders in Lightroom which contain selected photos, and related bonus feature for Windows users.
Screw AutoSync Rollback develop history by specified amount. Useful for correcting auto-sync and other multi-photo editing goofs.
LrFourB Rebuild catalog from scratch. Useful for pre-maturely migrating to beta release, or re-creating a cleaner version of your existing catalog. Requires a few other plugins, and attention to instructions...
Dr Checkyl (an almost useless plugin) Checks things which can also be checked without it, e.g. color labels.
Extract JPEGs from NEFs (deprecated) A very simple front-end to PreviewExtractor.exe (Windows only). Consider NxToo instead.
Invert Tone Curve Preset (not a plugin) A marginally useful preset - you can accomplish the same thing by dragging end-points in tone curve. Makes darks light and lights dark...
Folder Notes A simple UI for maintaing folder-related notes (which are stored as text file in folder on disk).
Lightroom Catalog Backup (Lr2 only) Legacy plugin for making quick backup of Lr2 catalog, without exiting Lightroom.
Miscellaneous Lightroom Scripts
(not plugins)
Lightweight lua scripts, accessible from 'Scripts' menu (on Lightroom's main menu bar, after installation..).
MS Outlook Scripts
(not plugins)
vba scripts for embedding Lr images in email body, or saving pictures from email to Lr.
Auto-hotkey scripts are available upon request. I use these for automatically dimming one monitor and invoking full-screen presentation mode in other monitor, also for minimizing/restoring Lr...
File Listener Select folder/files in OS (e.g. Explorer/Finder) and have them selected in Lr (if already in catalog).
Additional Lightroom Metadata (for lib filters, smart collections, and/or right-hand metadata panel).
Metadata Extensions Extends Lr's metadata as offered up for library filters and smart collections.
Custom Metadata Customizable metadata for whatever you want, plus support for transfer, export, save/restore, and bonus features for handling groups of related photos.
DevMeta Provides develop settings in the form of metadata for library filters and smart collections.
ExifMeta Harnesses Phil Harvey's exiftool to provide complete exif metadata in Lightroom for library panel, filtering, and smart collections - configurable metadata inclusion.
Plugin Developer Tools
Elare Plugin Generator Plugin which generates plugins based on Elare Plugin Framework.
FTP Support
FTP Aggregator FTP services for all - includes external application and plugin.
FTP Sync (deprecated) FTP synchronization / uploading using in-Lr (SDK) FTP.

Other good stuff...

Desktop Applications Utilities for PCs, Macs, & 'nixs.
Developer Components For software developers only - Windows Script Host, C++ communications libraries, ...
Training For software developers and managers - your place or mine.
Video Conversion DVD to DivX, GordianKnot, VirtualDub, ...





Pictures (Automatic) After WebPhotoBrowser finishs loading (which may take a long time) try clicking the 'Full Screen' button.
Pictures (Manual) For people who know what they’re doing ;-}
Road Trip 2005 US-West, 3-months, by myself (mostly).
Zion Trip 2009 Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, ...
Videos Of my son playing music, and one bonus clip.
HDPC Human Dance Party Collaboration - Like to dance? So do I!
Miscellaneous e.g. Nikon D300 & RAW Post-Processing Notes


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